A dark storm sparks a bright idea

When a severe summer storm hit Sydney with hailstones as big as tennis balls, experienced builder Matthew Lennox (Stormseal’s Founder and Managing Director) was tasked with repairs and reconstruction. Over the next two months, in wet and windy conditions, Matt saw damage claims multiply fourfold due to leaking, flapping, flyaway tarpaulins.

This sparked the idea for Stormseal, a strong polyethylene film that heat-shrinks to cover a damaged structure and stays put until permanent repairs are made. Matt developed Stormseal’s innovative roof cover system with polymer expert John O’Neill. Two patents have been granted for the Stormseal film and application method.

How we make Stormseal

Stormseal is manufactured from low-density polyethylene resins. The resin pellets are melted and combined with fire retardant and UV resistant additives. The resulting mix is extruded as a bubble and rolled flat, forming a strong plastic film.

When Stormseal is installed on a damaged roof or wall, the application of heat shrinks the film, enhancing its strength and ensuring a perfect fit to the structure, without damaging any underlying materials.

Testing… testing…

Stormseal’s resistance to severe weather has been proven in wind tunnel and hail impact tests.

During manufacture, we ensure Stormseal’s high quality by frequently testing the film’s thickness, tensile strength (both yield and breaking points), puncture strength and tear resistance.

We’re proud of Stormseal’s excellent reputation and intend to maintain it.