Forget flapping, leaking, failing tarpaulins

When severe storms strike, insurance builders usually attempt to protect damaged properties with tarpaulins. As wind and rain continue, tarps often rip, blow off, leak, or collapse, resulting in further property damage and stress and harm to occupants and owners. Builders are called back again and again to replace failed tarps while insurance claims escalate.

Storm damage cost in Kellyville, March 2017

Do the job once and do it right with Stormseal

Stormseal is a strong polyethylene film that heat-shrinks to cover a damaged roof or wall. Unlike tarps, Stormseal stays put, resisting wind, rain and hail until permanent repairs are made, providing peace of mind to residents, property owners and their insurers.

Stormseal is:

  • lightweight
  • safer, easier, faster and cheaper to install than tarps – no need for sandbags or ropes
  • 100% waterproof, with no flaps or gaps
  • UV resistant and fire retardant, and
  • Australian designed, manufactured locally to world-class standards

Off your truck deployment!

When it comes to deployment, Stormseal will save you the hassle of taking multiple trips to the hardware store. Everything you need to cover 130 homes comes in the box, all tools included.

A specially designed Stormseal strongbox holds two rolls of Stormseal and fits on a standard utility vehicle, along with all necessary tools for application. A roll of Stormseal film is 40m/131.2ft long x 5m/16.4ft wide (200m2/2153ft2) and weighs 37kg/81.6lb. A tarpaulin of equal area weighs almost 4 times as much. One standard pallet of Stormseal will cover 5000m2/53,830ft2. The same area of tarpaulin requires more than 8 times as much storage space.

Become an accredited Stormseal installer

Our solution is a complete system of online ordering, distribution, and accredited installer training. Our quality assurance processes cover manufacture through to installation.

Severe storms are becoming more frequent around the world, causing increasing property damage. As an accredited Stormseal installer, you’ll be in demand. Stop tarping and book your training now.


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