Why claims escalate after major weather events

When severe storms strike, insurance builders usually attempt to protect damaged properties with tarpaulins. As wind and rain continue, tarps often rip, blow off, leak, or collapse, resulting in further property damage, additional stress and harm to occupants and owners, and escalating insurance claims. Labour costs also escalate as builders are called back again and again to replace failed tarps.

tarpaulin make safe use - stormseal solution

Do the job once and do it right with Stormseal

Stormseal is a strong polyethylene film that heat-shrinks to cover a damaged roof or wall, providing superior, lasting weather protection. Lightweight but strong, Stormseal is safer, easier, faster and cheaper to install than tarpaulins.

Unlike tarps, Stormseal stays put until permanent repairs are made, providing peace of mind to residents, property owners and their insurers.

With Stormseal:

  • insurance claims and labour costs are minimised
  • residents stay at home or return sooner
  • businesses and communities continue to function, and
  • policyholders are happier and more likely to renew.

Our solution is a complete system of online ordering, distribution, and accredited installer training. Our quality assurance processes cover manufacture through to installation.

To protect your policyholders and minimise your costs, partner with Stormseal.