Putting a smile on the face of a previously traumatised victim of extreme weather is a huge reward for Stormseal installers.

A policyholder who had suffered major storm damage to his house, only to have the ‘protective’ tarpaulin fail and send a cascade of water into his living room, could not say thank you enough when Stormseal was installed instead. As more heavy rain began to fall, he stayed outside to express his overwhelming appreciation to the installers again and again.

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Joe (GIO Policy holder) with Matthew Lennox from Stormseal

Hurricane Michael devastated their home causing huge damage. They have a message for the insurance companies and other home owners: “Homeowners and insurance companies need to know about this product. It has really has helped us in a time of need and given us peace of mind that our home is protected. The house has remained dry inside and the Stormseal still looks the same. Most of the tarpaulins in the area have either blown off or been replaced a number of times.”

“We’ve had many days of rain and wind squalls during the past months yet the house has remained dry inside and the Stormseal still looks the same. Most of the tarpaulins in the area have either blown off or been replaced a number of times. Stormseal has allowed us to ‘get on with life’. We are all so busy these days, a disaster like this really turns things upside down. With Stormseal we’ve been able to salvage what we could and get on with the insurance process…which takes time! We haven’t had to worry about additional damages or trying to secure the tarpaulin over and over again.” read more

“I was sick and tired of having to fix the tarps again and again. In the month after the storm, I was up there five times to fix the tarps, because of the wind. When I heard about Stormseal, I immediately asked our insurer to replace the tarps with it. Stormseal is perfect because once it’s installed you don’t have to go back up there, and you’ve got peace of mind that if rains, no water is going to come in.”

“Stormseal has been described like a shower cap for your house, it tucks under the eaves and gutters, so seals underneath, just like your hair under the elastic of the cap. I like that metaphor, it really works like this!.

Tarps only work until you need them – they just look like they’re doing something when their over your house, but when the storm comes they fail. I like my new orange, temporary roof, which I know won’t blow away and doesn’t leak!”

“Once Stormseal was on though we felt secure and protected, there has been no elements getting in since. We feel lucky that our insurer took swift action and had Stormseal on before New Year, which unfortunately was not the case for some neighbours who still have holes in their roofs 11 weeks later. One lady who is 86 and lives alone, has had her tarps fly off numerous times and is still awaiting repairs, it’s sad to see. 

I do feel secure with Stormseal installed and a lot of the neighbours with damage have asked me about my new orange roof, so explained that our insurer was the one that offered it to us and they should speak to their own insurer to get it fitted.

So many people have had to have their tarps refitted many times but with Stormseal you know once it’s up it’s there to stay – tarps and Stormseal are truly like chalk and cheese!”

“I called my insurer and said I wanted Stormseal. Just two hours after the insurer approved it, the Stormseal installers from Insurance Roofing Services were putting it on my roof. Since then, we’ve had more rain, which has been a good test. Stormseal is properly waterproof, which is a huge relief.

The weeks under tarps were very difficult for us and it’s worse for elderly people and anyone else who can’t manage the physical work of trying to cope with a leaking roof. I’m so glad we have Stormseal now, because if we had to go on under tarps it would be unbearable.

Without a doubt, our insurer should have put Stormseal on in the first place. It would have saved them many thousands of dollars by preventing all the extra damage and also saved the cost of having their builders come back again and again.

And we would have been much happier too.”

“We love it. It’s opened up more business for us and promotes professionalism, which we really value.

We’ve installed Stormseal on more than 100 homes so far, using it on external walls as well as roofs. Our team worked through continuing wind and rain to make hurricane victims safe and give them some peace of mind again.

The customer feedback on Stormseal has been very positive, which means they’re more likely to call us back to repair their roof once their insurance claim is paid. Using Stormseal is good for our business as well as improving outcomes for storm victims.

We’ll be putting more of our roofers through Stormseal installer training as soon as possible.”

“It was a simple and smart decision to switch to Stormseal. The product sells itself.

We first heard about Stormseal at the FRSA expo in early 2018. I met Matt Lennox there and was immediately impressed by his passion and professionalism.

When I heard how well Stormseal has worked in Australia, I registered two employees for their first installer training course in the US. We’ve had a great relationship with Stormseal ever since.

I sat in on the training course and saw that Stormseal was a perfect fit for the high standards of our company. Stormseal’s product and installation technique are at the forefront of our industry, which is vital for us, and the film is readily available, with capacity to scale up production fast when a storm hits.

I really like Stormseal’s focus on safety – both for our installers and for residents – and that it’s long- lasting, secure in all weather, fire retardant and UV resistant. Our experienced roofers have a superior understanding of water shedding and they agree that Stormseal delivers the best results by far.

We won’t go back to using synthetic underlayment, which lasted a maximum of six months, and we’ll never use tarpaulins because they’re totally inadequate. We’re getting customised Stormseal film in different colours, with our logo printed on it.”

“Our guys were really impressed with the Stormseal training. We were so impressed that we have booked more guys to get trained. And Stormseal has made it so easy to place orders online. Our company is committed to providing a better policyholder experience, keeping families and properties safe throughout and after storms. Our goal of growing and improving as a company is to better serve our neighbors in Texas and Oklahoma. The addition of Stormseal to Orlando Group’s service offerings is helping to secure our place as the leading choice in the roofing industry.”

Wilfred, Buff Point NSW, Homeowner

Brian Meyer, Pride Roofing

Kevin Nemes, ConstructoMax

“We pride ourselves on using cutting edge technology to rapidly make properties safe and restore clients’ peace of mind. As soon as I heard about Stormseal, I knew we should be using it. Stormseal is a fantastic product that we will use after storms and other damaging events. It’s especially good in difficult access situations. The best thing is that it stays put – we won’t have to go back to fix any more flapping or leaking tarps.”

Ryan Hage, Adelaide All-Trades (AAT)

Joe reports that over the eight months they waited for their insurance settlement and complete repairs, Stormseal allowed in “not one drop of water… and we could continue to live in our house. If anyone needs a reliable, watertight roof cover that lasts, Stormseal is the one!”

Joe, Chipping Norton, Homeowner

Catherine Adkins’ tiled roof was badly damaged, but she considered herself fortunate compared to her neighbours, because her insurance builder installed Stormseal, which she says delivered ‘absolute peace of mind’. Catherine advised her neighbours to ‘talk to your insurance companies about Stormseal.’

Catherine Adkins, Kellyville, Homeowner

“It’s a leading innovative product… what I have seen today is going to give us the ability to be able to do it once and do it properly and not have to re-attend which will be very efficient.”

Tom Dougherty, National Manager for HomeClaims Customer Support, Suncorp

“For years we have had massive problems with tarps on roofs – they blow off and there is nothing worse, I believe, than being in a house with tarp on the roof and all night it’s flapping and banging and carrying on and we get water entry… Stormseal takes us into the next century… we’re very excited about it… From a customer experience it just puts us way ahead of the competition.”

David Wilson, Head of Innovation, HomeRepair