Stormseal will keep you secure

Stormseal quickly provides a safe environment so you can recover from the storm and get on with life.

Don’t put up with flapping, leaking tarpaulins. Stormseal wraps tightly to any wall or roofline to resist wind, rain and hail.

By arrangement with your insurer, a trained, experienced and accredited installer will provide your Stormseal protection or alternatively, you can book an accredited installer yourself.

Insist on Stormseal to protect the things you love.

Tarpaulins fail frequently – they flap, leak, rip, collapse and blow off – potentially causing damage to your home and stress. Stormseal gives you and your family the peace of mind you need after the storm.

How Stormseal works - Catherine’s story

Catherine’s story

When a terrible hailstorm struck Kellyville NSW in 2017, Catherine Adkins’ tiled roof was badly damaged. Her insurance builder installed Stormseal, which she says delivered ‘absolute peace of mind.’

As more bad weather rolled in, inevitable tarp failures caused further property damage and stress to Catherine’s neighbours.

Catherine advised them to ‘talk to your insurance companies about Stormseal.

Have you suffered under tarpaulins or enjoyed the benefits of Stormseal?

Tell us your story or share your storm damage or hail stone story by uploading a pic with the hashtag #Stormseal.